Planning Your New Bathroom

Are you considering a great bathroom upgrade this year? Your bathroom can be the ultimate space for relaxation and unwinding after a long or difficult day. However, this is only possible if you’re making the most out of the space that you currently have available. Your bathroom could be looking a little old and out of date. Not to worry, you can begin the process of changing that right now. Here are some of the best bathroom trends we suggest you keep in mind when redesigning your bathroom.

    Chic Storage

    Did you know that on average homes are getting smaller, not larger? As such, it’s important to make the most of the space that you actually have. One of the ways you can do this is by adding additional storage areas and you can do this in the bathroom. It’s one of the reasons why the vanity cabinet has become such an attractive and popular feature of the modern bathroom. With a vanity cabinet, you will be able to store all the accessories and avoid building clutter in your room. That’s great news and guarantees that your bathroom does look modern and minimal.

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      Say Goodbye to the Bath

      A lot of modern bathrooms these days don’t include a bath at all. Why is this? Well, there are a few reasons. Again, there’s the matter of space. With smaller homes, people are keen to maximize the space they have and a large bath is just not going to help matters. Particularly, if it’s not fitted. Another reason is that people can have very busy schedules. They don’t have time for a long soak in a bath and are far more likely to have a shower. That’s why they want to make the shower as luxurious as possible and thus grander. Finally, there’s efficiency. With a bath, you use more water and this drives up costs. With a bathroom without a bath, you build a grand shower space as part of your bathroom installation instead. This looks incredible and gives you the ultimate way to wake up in the morning.

        Light up the room

        You might think that there are only a couple choices for lighting in your bathroom. On the contrary, there are countless options for lighting up your bathroom space and you can be a little more creative or inventive here. For instance, you can consider adding an LED mirror or perhaps wall lights. As well as being energy efficient, this makes the room look far more modern which could be exactly what you want. You can even add strip lighting around the fixtures in your bathroom to create a beautiful glow.

        We hope this helps you approach redesigning and improving your bathroom the right way. Take our advice and your bathroom will be on trend. It’s sure to impress potential buyers or just provide you with the perfect space to relax in complete comfort whenever you need it. With these options, you will also be able to create the ultimate bathroom design that looks fantastic and adds a lot more to your home.

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