Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Are you thinking about getting new wardrobes for your property? You may have just moved in and could be in desperate need of storage space. If so, there are really only two options. You can either opt for free standing wardrobes or fitted options. Fitted options are built to the design of the room with no gaps between the floor or typically the ceiling. Instead, they completely fill the space. Here are some of the reasons why fitted wardrobes could be right for you.

    Easier Cleaning

    If you hate cleaning and tidying your rooms, then you definitely want fitted wardrobes. Since there are no spaces between the wall and the wardrobe and usually no area on top or underneath, there is no place for dust to build up that is difficult to access. There are also no areas where cobwebs can form or crumbs can get trapped. Instead, you can simply vacuum or sweep the floor around the wardrobes as you normally would.

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      The Perfect Size

      If you buy a standard wardrobe, there’s a good chance that they are either going to be too small or too large. They won’t match your needs perfectly, but a fitted wardrobe certainly can. That’s because this will be designed to perfectly match your requirements. If you get them professionally built they can be custom made to your unique specifications. They can even match the exact level of space that you have. Make sure that you speak to your design and supplier, ensuring that you provide the exact measurements to make sure you get the greatest benefits of fitted wardrobes.

        Contemporary & Chic

        Are you interested in adding value to your home or ensuring that it is ready for a great sale? If so, you need to make sure that your home looks contemporary and modern. Fitted wardrobes certainly match this possibility. If you explore interior design blogs and magazines or tour showhomes, you will find that fitted wardrobes are heavily featured. This isn’t just about practical benefits. These wardrobes look great and elegant. As such, they are the perfect choice for minimal design.

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          Do you have a room in your home with a low level of space? Fitted wardrobes will be perfect here because they provide more storage room while using lower levels of space. There’s no separation between the wardrobe and the wall while the wardrobe uses the entire height of the room as well. This ensures that you are using all the ceiling space.

            Safety First

            The final benefit that we’d like to mention is that fitted wardrobes are safer than alternatives. A fitted wardrobe has no chance of falling. It essentially becomes part of the room. With a free-standing wardrobe, it’s possible that a child climbs on it and pulls it over, resulting in a serious injury. Even if you do anchor the wardrobe, these can break.

            As you can see, fitted wardrobes provide a range of benefits that you simply can not access by purchasing standing options. Particularly if you want to make sure that your home, bedroom or guest room has a modern aesthetic.

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